The Weekend

Ok then, time for the good ol’ “The Weekend” post. On Friday night, I stayed in and worked on a conversion script for Matthew’s Blog. About 11PM, I went to Tesco with Philippa as we felt like going on a late-night shopping trip (like the old student days!).

On Saturday, I had quite a lazy morning in. In the afternoon I went into town with Philippa and Luci to have lunch at the new Starbucks in Colchester, and then had a wander round town. In the evening we went to Fai’s for dinner (it was very nice – if you like Chinese food, I recommend it! The Bento Boxes are good!).

Yesterday, I went to church in the morning as per usual. I spent the early afternoon watching Futurama, before going on a walk with Philippa and Luci. In the evening, we walked Luci to the station and then went onto campus where we met up with Alex and a few other people for ‘chillout night’. We watched Toy Story 2 – I’ve seen it a few times now but it is a great film!

And that’s all for now!


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  1. Bento? Surely that’s Japanese, not Chinese!

  2. Yes that’s a very good point – you could get Japanese and Chinese food there! My mistake 🙂

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