This weekend was pretty busy. Well, aside from Friday night, but I won’t talk about that! On Saturday morning, we did a few bits of shopping. In the afternoon, Julie (one of Phil’s friends) came up from London, so we spent a nice afternoon chatting, and then we went to the Bengal Spice for dinner (and, needless to say, had a very enjoyable curry!). Julie headed off at about 9:00, and then we headed round to Jon & Sarah’s to meet up with them and a few other people (including Andy B, Naomi, Liz, and Simon) for drinks. And also watched some of the lunar eclipse (which didn’t really turn out to be very exciting, I was hoping the moon would go an unusual colour).

On Sunday, we went to church in the morning, and then went to the Stanway Harvester with Sarah, Jon, Naomi, and Andy B for lunch. In the evening, Alex came round for dinner and we watched “Top Gear”, and then watched two or three episodes of Scrubs.

Right, I think that’s just about everything for the time being… all for now!


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