Moths and Dinners

We had quite a nice weekend this week! On Friday evening we went to see “Moths Ate my Doctor Who Scarf” in Chelmsford. It was really good, Tony Hadoke was very funny and did a great job at not isolating anyone who hadn’t watched every episode of Doctor Who about 80 times (not even A-M has seen every Doctor Who episode that many times…) All in all, if you get the chance to go and see it – go!

On Saturday we had my parents round for dinner in the evening to celebrate my Dad’s birthday. That was a rather nice evening as well – we made a three-course dinner which seemed to go down very well. Although I’m very glad we don’t make a three-course dinner very often – it’s actually quite difficult to manage the timing and everything!

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On Sunday we went to Fordham in the morning, and then spent most of the afternoon preparing for Phil’s parents coming to visit for the week. They arrived at around 5:00, and we went to the Yew Tree in Great Horkesley for dinner. That was the second time we’ve been there, and it was very enjoyable again!

Oh, I almost forgot — we watched this week’s Doctor Who, “Midnight”, on Sunday. We thought it was a really good one – probably one of RTD’s best. I always like the Doctor Who’s* that focus on character more than simply spills and thrills.

So, that was pretty much what happened at the weekend. Not very exciting, I’m afraid, but there you go…

* I sometimes like to throw in an extra apostrophe to annoy grammar nazis.

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