Pleasant Weekend

This weekend was fairly pleasant! We helped out at ’21’ on Friday evening, which went well. On Saturday morning I popped into town to get a few bits and pieces, and then in the afternoon we went round to Anne-Marie’s to watch Doctor Who.

I thought this week’s episode was really good (again!) – Russell T. Davies’ scripts have been a bit hit-and-miss sometimes, but it looks like he’s really found his feet with the scripts for the past couple of weeks.

On Sunday morning we went to church, and then came back home for lunch before going into Wivenhoe in the afternoon: it was “Wivenhoe Open Gardens” weekend, so we had a look round about ten different gardens (there were around 34 gardens open to the public). It gave us a few ideas about what we could do with our own garden, as well as being a very relaxing afternoon!

So, I think that’s pretty much everything for now anyway…


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