That’s a wrap, people.1 min read

That’s right, a whole year has now been and gone. An academic year, that is – this time last year I still had an actual proper job (which just highlights the amount of difference 12 months can make!) We moved down here last August, so by my reckoning we’ve been here about ten months. Not even one calendar year, and already the academic side of it is over.

I had my last exam on Friday morning, and now I feel somewhat bereft: for the last few weeks I’ve had deadlines and exams to work towards, now that’s all finished I don’t know what to do with myself! Still, I felt that the exams went relatively well – it’s always difficult to tell because I’ve had exams that went “well” before which didn’t, but hopefully no re-takes will be needed.

It’s crazy to think how much life has changed recently, and at some point over the next few weeks I will post up some reflections on the year. But, for now, I just wanted to update to say that I’m still alive, I’ve survived exams, and I will post up here again soon!

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