Responding to “No jab, no job” … in the church?!


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    David Nancarrow

    Vaccinations are very helpful to most, and it is very clearly helpful to the vulnerable if others are vaccinated. Happy to clarify that if needed, but as a vaccination provides only 50 percent of so individual protection from infection (but more than 90 percent from severe disease), the benefit of vaccinations requires that people love their neighbour and do the right thing for them where they possibly can. An 85 year old doubly jabbed has about the same protection as an unjabbed 60 year old, hence the need for them to also have a reduced risk of coming into contact with infected people.

    I don’t worship science; scientists – like the rest of us – see in part, but I can thank God for the gifts he has given them. And there has been excellent scientific progress with respect to Covid-19 vaccinations.

    We can encourage others to be vaccinated without subscribing to a belief in compulsion.

    It would be really disappointing if your video had the effect of dissuading adults from being vaccinated on the basis of hinted at problems with the science.

    There are legitimate concerns relating to those discouraging vaccination,. For example, those in care homes in contact with unvaccinated carers have concerns that need to be heard and understood.

    So many people these days are subject to misleading information online from groups sonewhat akin to cults and again it is often the more vulnerable that believe incorrect things. That applies to vaccinations and to climate change amongst other things.

    Christians need to stand up and challenge unhelpful attitudes and the distortion of truth. That includes false dichotomies, suggesting that you have to choose whether to believe God or science. Fortunately, a good number of our top scientists are Christians and can challenge such unhelpful thinking

    1. Hi David,

      An 85 year old is going to be at higher risk of just about everything. We don’t require the flu vaccine to be mandatory for everyone… why this? And why require vaccination for someone who has already had and recovered from covid? Why can’t we just deal with it by doing what we always did as a human species – avoiding people who are vulnerable when we’re ill?!

      As I said in the video, I think the vaccine does seem to be protecting from serious disease. But it doesn’t seem to do much to protect against infection. Look at Israel – one of the highest rates of covid in the world, in one of the most vaccinated countries. Someone said we (in the UK) had more covid deaths in August now we have the vaccine than we did this time last year when we didn’t have the vaccine. Why’s that? I don’t know.

      The vaccines do carry a certain small amount of risk in younger people, e.g. myocarditis and even death. I know these are small risks, but the risks of covid are very small to this age group as well. I think people should be informed of the advantages and risks, and left to make up their own minds. Not coerced. And I don’t think people should be penalised for not wanting to take a vaccine where we still don’t have long term safety data.

      It seems to me the push to vaccinate everyone by hook or by crook is not the Christian way of doing things. There’s a deeply unchristian spirit of the age going on, see my video about vaccine passports and the mark of the beast for example.

      I’m not trying to say it’s God vs Science – and I appreciate there are many good Christian scientists. But this has gone far beyond the science and a careful weighing up of the pros and cons. See for example the way the govt went against the JCVI on vaccinating 12-15 year olds. This is no longer about science.

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