Right then.

Yesterday. Came onto campus for chaplaincy lunch at 1:00. Went to my Computer Vision lecture, and understood as much as usual (i.e., virtually nothing). Then I went to my lab with Alex, then back home to do some work on my final year project (basically finishing off the deliverable that has to be in tomorrow). Then it was onto campus to meet up with Philippa for a drink in Top Bar before going down to Level 2 for DJ Soc night.

It was actually a really good night, they played a variety of stuff and managed to get a whole bunch of people down there. Really good atmosphere as well, although unfortunately not many people were dancing!

Then this morning, I came in for a bar breakfast at 10:00, except without the bar breakfast bit. I had some cereal before I left, so I just had a pint of orange fanta! That was with Philippa, Alex and Joe. Now I’m sitting in a computer lab… you know, I really hate SSH. The problem is it changes filenames to all lower-case letters. Which is a bit of a problem. For some reason, I’m not quite sure how, it means that if you have a file with the same name (just with a few upper case letters) on the uni computers, then if you upload it via SSH then it won’t actually overwrite it. Well it might do, there seems to be a 50% chance of that happening… what seems to happen is that two files are created, both with the same name, and both of them contain the same data. Whether the data is the data of the old file or the new file seems to be a bit hit and miss. Oh well. I’m now going to print it out and hand it in! The fun we have 🙂

I probably won’t get full marks, but I’m not really worried about that. As long as I get some of the marks that’s what matters! 60% would be quite nice. But a pass would be fine…


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